Seminar 2017 Registration is Open

Oh my goodness! Look who’s going to Seminar so far!!!!!
Hanna Hostetler
Sabrina Elliott
Danielle Gillespie Warren
I am soooo excited to celebrate you ladies and our incredible success as a team at Seminar this year – August 1-4 – in Dallas, TX! Seminar is where you truly see the vision for what is possible in your business, where your mind is stretched, where you see the bigger picture of what this opportunity can offer YOU, where you hear stories of other women that achieved their dreams, where you are inspired and challenged to BE more and to grow, where you get education and information that builds your confidence in your business skills, and where you develop friendships that last a lifetime.

We have so much fun and girlfriend time and incredible experiences together! I want you to be a part of this year’s event!  It’s going to be OFF THE CHART AMAZING!!!!  I CAN’T tell you how transformational this event has been in my life.  I have never missed a Seminar in my career. I decided a long time ago that I would always attend Mary Kay events, because I am committed to my business and want to grow.  If you want to see what MK is all about and want to be infused with more passion, more vision, and more confidence in your business, don’t miss this event!  Will you join us?  Registration ends on July 1st. Check out this promo video for the BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!!!

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