Oh my goodness, ladies!  We are about to BREAK RECORDS!!!! Don’t you LOVE breaking records, beating your best, accomplishing something that seemed impossible and out of reach?!?  It’s exciting!  Ready for the rush?!?  There areso many ways to ROCK OUT the end of May!!!!!

1.) Don’t forget to promote your Memorial Day weekend sale on your private customer FB groups, via email, text, private FB message & phone call!

SCRIPT for CALLING about the sale!

Hey Susan! I am so excited! I am having a memorial day sale going on throughout the weekend until Wednesday at noon!!! I have been challenged by my Sales Director to have 20 orders this weekend! We have huge team goal that we are working on right now and I have my personal goal to finish by June 30th! Do you have a quick second so i can share with you the details of the specials?

Yes: Okay great, So with your order this weekend you get 10% off you order if under $50! If your order is $50-100 you will receive 15% off and if you order is over $100 then you will get 20% off! PLUS once I reach my goal one lucky lady will get her order HALF OFF! Is there anything you have been wanting to try or anything you are almost out of or may need in the next month or 2 that you would like to get at a discount to help me with my goals this weekend?


2.) Why not do a phone-a-thon, & set a goal for how many orders you want today or by May 31st in order to be on-target for the Star & the Cadillac Club ring (650 cumulative wholesale), or earn your embracelet (600 cumulative wholesale)!!!!!! You couldvrun a special on orders placed between now and May 31st – everyone gets 10% off – set a goal of 10, 15, 20 orders of any size and once you hit your goal by May 31st, you could give one person their order for 50% off!!!! (Not just charcoal mask orders, but any product order.)

3.) Need more faces for the 40 faces challenge?!? Bring your MK with you to family get-togethers! Do facials & practice your Mk presentation with people you see today! Get referrals and share Father’s Day gift ideas! Soooo many opportunities! Think outside the box!

4.) Contact all your birthday customers and offer 15% their entire order, 30% off if they schedule a birthday facial, & 50% off their entire order if they share their birthday facial with 3 friends!!!! (That costs you NOTHING and gets you in front of more people!)

Customer Birthday Special pic

5.) Everyone is looking for an easy, fresh, fun summer look that’s easy to do and doesn’t require a ton of products!!! Offer Sunkissed summer makeover appointments!!! (We will be doing this tomorrow night at TNL, so book guests for tomorrow night at 6:30pm.)


This month is not over! Let’s make this month our BEST MONTH EVER!!!!! We are on-target to have a record-breaking month!!!!! Let’s blow it out of the water! Everyone counts!


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