June Contests: So many ways to WIN!!!!

Dynamic Divas, you are AMAZING!!!!!!  First of all, I want you to know that we are now the #22 unit in the entire state of Kentucky as of May!!!!!!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  You all are blowing my mind!  Our team has doubled in size in the past 4 months!  We are now over 50 strong and growing.  The Hanna Hostetler team just finished car qualification in May and are in their 2nd month of DIQ!  WOOHOO!!!!

Hanna's car team


We have 6 star consultants so far–Hanna Hostetler, Noranne Hendricks, Jenny Holleman, Emily Bratton, Haley Wright, and myself.  The star deadline is June 15th!  There’s still time to earn fabulous prizes and enjoy the benefits of being a STAR!

Also, we had a TON of embracelet achievers in May–Hanna Hostetler, Haley Wright, Caitlin Jensen, Michelle Blount, Katlyn Benton, Jenny Holleman, Hona Outlaw, Emily Bratton, Cecilia David, Bethany Burton, Ashley Hayden, Amanda Vanderkooi, and myself! Check out the June embracelet.  You can earn this with $600 cumulative wholesale orders in June (aka: doesn’t have to be one big order).

June embracelet pic

We beat our best month ever last month, and we are going to do it again in June!  Ready to stretch?!?  I LOVE deadlines, because they push us outside of our comfort zones.  And outside of your comfort zone is where the MAGIC happens!  There are so many places to play and ways to WIN!  Pick YOUR WIN by June 30th.  Let’s become the BEST OF THE BEST in MK by becoming a PINK CADILLAC unit by June 30th!  EVERY ORDER, EVERY FACE, EVERY PEARL CHAT, EVERY PARTY MATTERS!  YOU make a difference!  Let’s do this!

Plus, don’t forget that you can earn our girlfriends’ brunch day out together when you share the products with 40 faces–product experience with 40 people by June 30th!

40 Faces 40 Days - 05272017

Lastly, we have the Cadillac Club ring contest!

Cadillac Club - 05162017

Hugs and belief in YOU!


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