Meet Danielle

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Welcome! My name is Danielle Warren and I began my Mary Kay business in August 2007, two months after moving to Lexington, Kentucky to marry my college sweetheart, Bo Warren. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance from Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky and completing a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, my plan was to open a private voice and piano to teach lessons, develop a performance career in voice, and travel singing with Bo. What I soon realized, though, was that building a studio of music students took a lot of time to get started than I had originally thought, and we needed more income to help with our newlywed expenses.

I applied to restaurant service positions thinking it would at least help pay the bills, but after no responses from management, I decided to start my own Mary Kay business. My cousin, a full-time teacher had, at the time, recently began her own business and was having a blast. Only knowing a hand full of people in Lexington, I started with the few people I knew, and several years later, had more than 200 customers in five different states! My first year in the business, I was in the Queen’s Court of Personal Sales and was the Rookie of the Year in my unit.


After three years in the business, I earned the use of her first Mary Kay car, the Chevy Malibu and later promoted myself to the Sales Director position! My unit, The Dynamic Divas, debuted in the top 10 percent of their class and earned “On the Move” and “Fabulous 50s.” I’ve been in the Queen’s Court of Personal Sales two times, and am working with my consultants to grow our unit to the $300,000 unit circle.

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I’m a wife and proud mama of McKenzie Jo and Mia Beth. I love the rewarding experience of being a stay-at-home mom and career woman working from home.